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Amber C. Rawls

Law Enforcement & Corrections Training Officer



Rawls, A. C. (2008). Critical Incidents: Police Officers, Posttraumatic Stress, Posttraumatic Growth, and Law Enforcement Agencies. Contemporary Issues in Criminology and the Social Sciences, 2(3), 111-118. July, 2008.

Rawls, A. C. (2009). Critical Feminist Theory and Domestic Violence. The L.A.E. Journal of the American Criminal Justice Association, ISSN No. 1094-8481. [Read Here]

Rawls, A. C. (2009). Domestic Violence from a Critical Feminist and a Social Learning Perspective.Crime, Punishment, and the Law, 1(2), 65-75. December, 2009. [Read Here]

 Rawls, A. C. (2010). Surviving Critical Incidents: Police Officers, Posttraumatic Stress, and Posttraumatic Growth. Unpublished master's thesis, University of Louisiana at Monroe. [Read Here]