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Amber C. Rawls

Law Enforcement & Corrections Training Officer

Personal Note

A personal note from Amber

Good policing begins with good training.

I believe that we should never stop training because the world never stops changing. Every day new issues arise, and as law enforcement officers, we have a moral obligation to keep informed of better ways to keep the public safe.

The badge does not define who I am; I define the badge.

Professionally trained law enforcement officers ensure that the public's confidence in law enforcement will not be undermined by negative images that, even if a seldom occurrence, seem to inundate our modern society.

Because I owe future generations a safer world.

Not for me, but for my children. If we will not protect the innocent, if we do not stand for the truth, if we will not aid those who need help, then who will? The public has entrusted us with their lives and with the protection of their most precious possessions - their families.